Top 5 Best Power Rack for Home Gym in 2020 (HandPicked)

If you have a home gym or are planning to set-up one, then a power rack is a machine that you must have in it. There are numerous power racks available in the market and choosing the best one can be a difficult task.

A good power rack will surely provide an effective workout and a great experience. To help you save a lot of time and energy in finding a suitable power rack for your gym. In this post, I have rounded up six of the best power rack for home gym in 2020.

Additionally, we have created a buying guide to help you choose the best power racks for home gym on the market. It will answer all your necessary questions related to power racks and will help you search for the best one.

In this article we are going to review the following Power Racks:

Firstly, Let me clear — What exactly is a Power Rack?

I believe since you are looking for a power rack, you must be aware of what is it. But, for those who still don’t know about it, then here it is. A power rack is a piece of equipment that resembles the shape of a cage, and hence also called a Power Cage. It looks like a metallic cage that works as a replacement for a human spotter.

It is very easy to use and does not support several electronic adjustments. A majority of the gyms have Power Racks because they are extremely popular among the users and are very useful in training. Commercial gyms will have bugger power racks, but for the home, you can look for a smaller one which can fit inside your flat or house.

Before buying the best power rack for your home, I have zeroed down my research and experience of working out with power racks in the form of the most significant questions. Do ask yourself these questions and answers to these will help you buy the most suitable power rack for yourself.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Space is a foremost consideration while setting up a gym at home or in the garage. You should also consider the size of the power rack along with the barbell size to fit it in that place.

Space Required For Power Rack

With power rack, you can use two weight bars – 7ft 20kg Olympic Barbell and 6ft International Olympic Barbell. The reason is that only these two barbells have the ideal center-length so that the bar racks can be reached and keep you balanced while loading and unloading each bar side. Thus, you will require an additional 50cm or 80cm wide area for your home power rack.

For people who have limited space, they should go for the M2 Half Power Rack. It is the best power rack for small areas. I will advise you to set up the power racks on the ground floor or in the basement or a garage because they are heavy-weight and exercising on them will create a huge impact on the floor as well.

What Are Your Goals?

If you are buying a power rack, you must be clear or at least have an idea about your fitness goals that you want to achieve? Having a goal requires you to know the kind of exercises you will do on the equipment to achieve the goals. Usually, a fitness routine or goal has the following basic guide:

  • Lose Weight
  • Develop physique
  • Enhance health
  • Enhance performance

Once your goal is set, it will help you determine the kind of diet you should follow, the exercises you should do, and the equipment you will require. Power Racks are ideal if you want to increase your strength. Having equipment at home eliminates the waiting time you waste in a gym for the machine to get free. At home, it is ever ready and free for you to use it.

Always have a budget in mind before you set out for shopping, what is yours?

After thinking about the above points, the next essential point to consider is your budget. You cannot shake up your finances for a piece of equipment. You have to think intelligently to make both the ends meet.

Having a budget in mind will help you have a look at all the available power rack models that fall under your budget. It will help you set a limit for yourself and even go a bit beyond it if you can or wish to.


A power rack is not just one thing as it requires a proper setup with barbells, plate rigs, J-hook stands, etc. The whole ordeal can amount from $500 to $2000, depending on the model you choose.

It is a big and onetime investment, so do it wisely by carrying out proper research on the equipment. I will suggest keeping aside some of the budget to buy the additional accessories like bench, J-Cups, plate storage solution, Safety bands or pins, etc.

What Safety Features Does the Power Rack offers?

While using any equipment, you also have to make sure about your safety. You can’t end up getting fractured or broken because you bought a cheap machine.


With a small budget, you may end up purchasing a cheap or an incomplete setup, which means there will be severe safety concerns especially while lifting weights. If you are a new user, then be very careful with buying cheap equipment to avoid injuries.

Power Racks come with accessories that take care of your safety. Like, it has bar catches above the user’s chest which enable effective bench press exercises.

It diminishes the risk of the user getting squashed under the barbell in case of imbalances. While doing squats, these bar hatches are located below the bottom position of the squat and make it safe while dumping the weights.

How much are you planning to lift?

You should consider all these points before buying a power rack, as they will influence your decision to a great extent. If you want to go beyond your limits and lift heavy weights, then you need different equipment.

Power racks can handle static weights well, but the force and energy behind the weights determine the design and build quality of the equipment.

If you are someone who is wanting a gym-like workout at home by pushing the limits, then Monster Lite, Rogue R-3, American Barbell Mammoth Racks, and Rep Fitness PR-400 are the best choices. For the users who are good within 1RM (rep max) can check out Kip Cage and T-3 Series.

While doing the weight considerations, always think about the future, like how much weight you will be able to lift in the next 5-10 years. It is not easy to keep investing in new and enhanced machines, so it is better to buy one that will cater to your present as well as the future.

What is the size of the Power rack?

Power Racks have varied heights so choose the one that fits your area. If space is no constraint, then taller power racks will be good as they will accommodate even tallest users and enable them to do overhead presses while standing, without reaching the top of the rack.

Power Rack size

They can also do pull-ups without touching down the floor. Taller power racks have more footprint, thus require fixing on the floor to make them stable. Smaller power racks are good for squats and overhead presses while seating. These power racks are best for use at home.

Depth and width are also important when it comes to determining the size of the power rack you want. You should have enough space around the power rack so that you have enough space to load and unload the barbell.

Weight of the Highest weighing user?

A fairly well-constructed power rack will weigh from 150 to 500+ kg. If you are an experienced and strong user, you must consider that the weight of the rack is more than the weight you are wanting to use. The power rack should not break when it gets loaded heavily as there is no warranty on this and it will also end you up with a serious injury.

Top 5 Best Power Rack for Home Gym

Here are the top 5 best power racks for home gym:


1) CAP Barbell Power Rack

CAP Barbell - Best Power RackThe CAP Barbell Power Rack tops my recommendation list and is best suited for people who are serious about lifting weights. The reason is that this rack has the capability of taking loads which are both light and very heavy.

Its design is superb and has an excellent build quality. It is made of high-grade, good quality steel which makes it an exceptional machine.

With the J-cup hooks, it provides a weight capacity of 500+ lbs. The chin-up bar is an additional treat as its weight capacity is more than 750lbs. It will help you give V-taper back, which everyone dreams to have.

Click For Best Price

This machine has great storage features with a built-in bar to store the weight plates and the Olympic bar. It is a highly safe and secured power rack that offers excellent stability while lifting heaviest weights.

This power rack is the best buy as it will enable you to do chin-ups, pull-ups, shoulder presses, barbell rows, squats, bench presses, etc. It is the king of power racks and a must buy as per my recommendation.

  • Bears weight up to 300 pounds
  • A triple powder-coated finish
  • Designed with 12 and 14-gauge tubular steel
  • Silver color complements anything kept around it in the house
  • Works effectively as a resistance training tool
  • Doesn’t comes with any attachments



2) HulkFit Multi-function Adjustable Power Rack

The HulkFit Multi-function adjustable power rack has a capacity of 1000 lbs and is a powerful machine. It is a heavy-duty rack with an H-shaped base that provides immense stability to the whole unit, even while working out.

HulkFit Power Rack

It has two sturdy steel bars for safety that are crafted with additional J-Hooks. It has two pull-up bars at distant diameters and is mount at a preferred height.

It also has two weight plate holders for convenience and stability. In addition, it has two J-Hooks, two dip bars, and extra short bars as well. The HulkFit is constructed with 12 gauge steel and has a 2.5in x 2.5in frame for stability.

The dip bars proffer more types of exercises. It comes with a 2 diamond designed steps for easy stepping in the cage. It is very space-efficient as compared to other models. Click For Best Price

To carry on a wide range of exercises like power and strength training, you can choose this power rack for your home gym. You can do shoulder and bench presses, squats, deadlifts, etc.

  • Space-efficient and easy to assemble
  • Provide great comfort and ease of use
  • Built to last and is extremely durable
  • Extremely safe machine even during intense power-training
  • Optional attachments to carry out a range of workouts
  • It can be a bit small for some advanced users
  • It does not have a lat-pull down accessory



3) Fitness Reality 810XLT

Fitness Reality - Best Power Racks For Home Gym

The Fitness Reality 810XLT power rack is priced well and is ideal for almost all kinds of weight lifters. It offers a weight capacity of 800 lbs as it is made of 2” x 2” steel tubing. It weighs 133 lbs and is a stable rack.

The thickness of the steel frame is 00.86 i.e. 14 gauge steel. In case you want a power rack that weighs more than 175-200 lbs, then be ready to shed double the price.

This power rack can hold a 7ft Olympic bar length like other racks. The safety bars of this power rack measure 23” in length and are made of solid steel and chromed. Its bar holders are not so reliable, thus I will recommend that you buy the J-hooks separately with this power rack. Click For Best Price

This power rack allows you to perform pull-ups, squats, shoulder shrugs, flat bench, and several other exercises. It is overall a piece of skillful equipment for a home gym.

  • A wide walk-in design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Holds weights up to 800 lbs
  • Has one year warranty
  • The structure is
  • Lightweight with only 133 lbs
  • The space between holes is 3” which is large and can affect workouts



4) Cap Barbell FM-CB8000F


The Cap Barbell FM-CB8000F is an enhanced version of CS7000F and has a capacity of 300 pounds.

This power rack is a powerhouse of features which are favorable for your fitness goals and safety. It is constructed with a combination of 12 and 14 gauge steel and welded seams, which offers extra stability and power.

This power rack offers a lot of variety for supporting barbell positions and gives resistance band support as well. Its safety rails are longer and let you use it as a pull-up bar. Click For Best Price

Its competitor BD-6 from Valor proffers a better weight capacity of 650 lbs and additional weight plate storage. This power rack is best for intermediate users who feel even 300 lbs will be a good challenge in the future. Advanced and experienced lifters should go with the Valor Fitness BD-6 power rack.

  • Sturdy machine with additional weight storage capacity
  • Provides a lot of supporting barbell positions
  • The long safety rails make you use it as a pull-up bar
  • The 12 and 14 gauge steel and welded tubes make it a robust power rack
  • 300 pounds capacity is a limit for experienced lifters
  • Advanced lifters will not be satisfied with this power rack
  • The weight rack on the sides is useless as it is made of thin metal



5) Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack

CAP Barbell - Best Power Rack

The Valor Fitness BD-7 Power rack is one of the best power racks in the market and comes second in my recommended list. It comes with a pull-up bar and a pull-down attachment.

It is made by 12-gauge, 2 by 2 inches tubular steel which makes the unit sturdy and stable. It has four storage pegs as weight storage options at the back of the unit. It has two extra pegs at each side to store standard and Olympic plates.

The pull-up bar has a solid structure and knurled grips at each end. Its pull-down feature has a flexible pulley extension. The rubber caps proffer additional safety and security to the base. Click For Best Price

The maximum weight capacity is 500 lbs when you use bar catchers outside of the rack. Inside the cage, the weight capacity of the bar catchers is 650 lbs.

You can place the bar at many heights ranging from 17.5 inches to 68 inches, thus offering 27 variable positions for bar placing. You can easily decide and fix a position with its convenient numbering system.

This bar can safely take a maximum load of 800 lbs and offers the best price/value ratio to the buyer.

  • 4 catch bars and 2 safety bars included with it
  • Smooth cable and pulley movement
  • Short T bar for low pulley exercises
  • Weight capacity is excellent
  • A knee stopper bar with a foam roller
  • Three workout stations- pull-up bar, lat pulldown station, and low pulley station
  • No curved handles for the pull-up bar


FAQs Related To Best Power Racks 2020

? What is the use of a Power Rack?

A power rack is also known as a power cage, a squat rack, or a squat cage. This training equipment works as a mechanical spotter for barbell exercises. It does not give any movement restrictions and makes it extremely easy to work out on it. It enables you to raise heavy weights carefully and lets you perform front squats, back squats, bench press, shoulder press, and heavy rows with ease and effectiveness. Gym goers prefer this machine and one can also set up at home.

?Can you use a Power Rack for Bench Press?

A power rack is a flexible machine that lets you perform several exercises, like front squats, back squats, shoulder press, bench press, deadlifts, and heavy rows. For lifters, this machine is like a play area where they can do what they feel like, but in a safe and secure area. You can use it for bench press, but you will need a weight bench and will have to adjust the safeties at a safe height to get a full range of motion.

? What muscles do power rack work on?

A power rack is a powerful machine that works on calves, glutes, hamstrings, and lower back muscles. The quadriceps will get affected the most as thigh muscles have a particular mechanism of working. When you extend the legs the quadriceps benefits a lot while using the power rack.

?How heavy is the power rack bar?

The Olympic standard size of the power rack has a length of 7.2 ft and a weight of 45 pounds. You will find bars in the range of 4 and 8 ft in the market so you must know that the shorter bar will do the best for people with less width. Otherwise, a longer size is preferable.

?Which is the best power rack for garage gym?

Cap Barbell FM-CB8000F is the best fit for a garage gym. It actually has a variety of supporting barbell positions and gives resistance band support as well.

?Which is the best power rack for small space?

HulkFit Multi-Function Adjustable Power Rack is the best fit for small space. The HulfFit is space-efficient and the h-shaped base actually provides immense stability to the whole unit.

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The Final Verdict: Best Power Rack For Home Gym?

The above buying guide of the best power racks for home gym has made it clear what power racks are all about and what they offer to the user.

If you are looking forward to setting up a home gym then you must have a power rack to get a power-packed performance. If you choose a power rack intelligently and wisely, then it is going to stay with you for years to come.

You will become fitter and stronger and still find the power rack ready to offer you more. A good power rack should, first of all, fit your goal and should be accommodated in your space. Then consider your budget and variety of power rack options, you can decide which one to purchase.

I will suggest you go for the king of the kings, i.e. the CAP Barbell Power Rack. It has everything that you can ask for and can be used best for resistance training. Dedicated lifters benefit from this rack and people like me who enjoy a full workout every day.

This power rack offers the much-required safety features and doesn’t take up a lot of space in your home. Also, it offers a higher weight range capacity to cover up your goals even after 5-10 years of consistent weight lifting.   I would strongly recommend this power rack for a fitness lover.

Apart from this, considering your budget and fitness goals in mind you can definitely check the other discussed models in this article. At the end of it, and efficient gym machine will never fail you for years to come.

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