Top 5 Best Ellipticals Under $700 (Budget Range)

An elliptical machine or a cross-trainer has replaced the traditional treadmill. It is time-efficient, joint-friendly, and very effective to burn off your calories. An elliptical is a very effective form of cardio workout. Ellipticals do not have a jarring impact on an individual’s knees, ankles, and hips. 

In this article, we will discuss the highlighting features, pros, & cons of the top 5 best elliptical machines under $700. The buying guide in the section will help you in choosing the best ellipticals under $700. 

Top 5 Best Ellipticals Under $700 2021 

Here are the 5 best ellipticals under $700 that you can get right now:

 Sunny Elliptical Trainer

Schwinn Elliptical Machine

Sunny Cross Trainer

  • Performance display

  • Easy assembly

  • Fixed handlebars

  •  Mobile handlebars

  • 13 workout programs

  • Bluetooth connectivity 

  • Compact designing 

  • Fixed handbars

  • Pulse Sensor

Here’s the complete list of best elliptical unders $700. So let’s dive in. 

1) SF-E320002, Sunny Health & Fitness Elliptical Trainer

The SF-E320002 elliptical machine was released in 2020. This cross trainer is made for home use and fits in mid-range. The construction of this elliptical steel frame is a combination of cylindrical & rectangular bars. The steel bars of the machine are coated with a chip-resistant and rust-resistant finish.

The performance monitor of the machine displays speed, Distance, Odometer, RPM, Time, Calories, Watt, Target Heart Rate, Resistance Level, and Heart Rate. The trainer offers electromagnetic resistance and 24 different workout programs for achieving fitness goals.

Sunny Health & Fitness - Best Ellipticals Under $700

You can keep your phone and tablet on the device holder. The foot pedals are extra wide and textured for adequate grip. The dimensions of the assembled machine are 49.4 inches x 23.4 inches x 63.4 inches. 

The floor stabilizers are very effective in providing you with a non-shaky workout session and the transportation wheels so that you can move the machine easily. The trainer comes with a 3-year warranty of the frame. 

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  • Adjustable stabilizers and transport wheels on the rear & front base respectively
  • Fixed handlebars having pulse sensors
  • Performance display
  • Easy assembly and maintenance required for the trainer is little
  • 24 programs for different workouts  


  • No option of online connectivity 
  • The stride length is a bit small 

2) Schwinn 411 Compact Elliptical Machine

Schwinn 411 elliptical is a compact and quality machine at an attractive price. This trainer can fit perfectly in a restricted space. You can see your progress such as your calories burned, heart rate, distance covered, speed, and time on the screen fixed on the LCD console.

The monitor on the grip of handlebars monitors your heart rate and shows your progress on the screen. The machine offers wireless BT (Bluetooth) connectivity. This compact elliptical can bear weight up to 300 pounds.

Schwinn 411 Compact Elliptical Machine

The Schwinn 411 trainer has ECB magnetic type resistance. The 18-inches stride length is also an attractive feature of the trainer. The physical dimensions of the trainer are 70.1 inches x 28.1 inches x 63.1 inches.

The elliptical trainer has 16 levels of resistance levels and thirteen workout programs. The transportation wheels at the front base of the machine are perfect for easy relocation. It comes with a ten-year warranty of frame, 2-year warranty on parts, and 90 days warranty of labor. 

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  • Quiet functioning and Simple assembling process
  • Fixed & mobile handlebars
  • 13 workout programs and 16 resistance levels 
  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Great stability and solid construction


  • Tablet kept on holder covers the display on the console 
  • Absence of backlight on console  

3) Sunny Health & Fitness (SF-E3919) Climber Stepping Cross-Trainer 

The SF-E3919 model of the cross trainer is a Cardio Climber of premium quality equipped with a console, an 8-level resistance system of magnetic type, and a durable set of foot pedals. The compact frame of the elliptical is quite durable. The durable frame is formed using steel tubing.

This machine is great for muscle toning, light to heavy-intensity cardio exercise or workout, weight loss, and stamina development. Overall, it is worth the price. This elliptical machine by Sunny has 2 sets of handlebars; fixed & mobile. The fixed ones are attached directly to the mast of the console. 

Cardio Climber - Best Ellipticals Under $700

The dimensions of the machine are 44 inches in length x 25 inches width x 64 inches height. The weight of this assembled machine is approximately 95 lbs (or 43 kg). It does support user weight up to 260 lbs or 118 kg. There are 8 levels of resistance and the type of resistance in the trainer is manual magnetic. 

You can also keep a record of your metrics such as time, recovery, odometer, distance, calories, pulse, RPM, speed, goals, and BMI. it comes with a three-year warranty of frame and 180 days warranty of frame. 

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  • Compact designing of machine
  • The stabilizers are adjustable at the rear base
  • Transport wheels for ease
  • Pulse sensors on fixed handlebars
  • Resistance type is manual magnetic


  • No backlight on the display of the console
  • Does not offer online connectivity 
  • Absence of bottle holder

4) ProForm Hybrid Trainer 

The Hybrid Trainer by ProForm is designed for low-impact workouts or exercise. It works as a recumbent bike as well as an elliptical trainer. There are 16 in-built workout or training programs on the console. 

The Trainer has a short stride length (15 inches) and super light drive. The maximum user capacity of the trainer is 350-pound. You can watch your data like distance covered, speed, calories burnt, watts, and time on the LCD monitor. 

Proform Hybrid trainer

The elliptical trainer offers 16 workout programs focusing on calorie & speed goals. Eight programs are designed for speed training & eight programs are for calorie burn. The trainer is iFit-enabled for additional (unlimited) workouts. The magnetic resistance system of the trainer is useful in quiet functioning. 

The measurements of the hybrid trainer are 70.5 inches x 24.5 inches x 60.5 inches. It comes with a 5-year warranty of frame and a 90-day warranty on parts. The company also offers a 30-day guarantee of money back.

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  • The double benefit of the machine (Recumbent bike & upright elliptical)
  • Compatible with smartphone
  • Magnetic resistance and hence quiet operation 
  • iFit enabled trainer


  • Light flywheel (i.e 13 pounds)
  • The short length of stride (15 inches)

5) Body Power Elliptical Stepper 2-in-1 

This is another good elliptical trainer to save your space. It is a two-in-one stepper elliptical trainer offering the technology of curve-crank. The Curve-Crank technology of the trainer makes it a smooth and quiet performing machine.

This Body Power elliptical provides eight levels of magnetic resistance. Users can workout for their lower body as well as upper body with the Body Power two-in-one stepper elliptical trainer. 

Body Power - Best Ellipticals Under $700

Additionally, the trainer has an intelligent and smart control panel. You can easily control & monitor your heart rate, time, calories burned, etc on the LCD. You can comfortably watch TV or listen to your music while exercising as the engine of the machine is smooth and quiet. For your convenience, there is a storage shelf. 

The physical dimensions of the trainers are 42 inches x 24 inches x 62 inches which is quite a compact size. It weighs nearly 250 lbs. The features offered by this Body Power Elliptical Stepper machine at such a price are relatively affordable. 

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  • Affordable two-in-one trainer 
  • Full body workout 
  • The modern design of LCD screen 
  • Tray to place phone and other accessories 
  • Quiet & smooth performance 


  • It does not have any cup-holder

Buying Guide To Get Best Ellipticals Under $700: 

There are a lot of options in the market when buying the best elliptical for your home gym. And to select the best one from these available options, you have to consider some important points or features.

We will discuss the must-have things in an elliptical under $700 in this guide. You must know about the components that are important before you make your purchase.

Below are the important considerations for you that you should look for to make a good decision. 

Trainer Styles

The style of an elliptical trainer depends on an individual’s workout routine. The front-drive trainers are very economical. In this, the wheels of the trainer are placed at the front but there might be minor discomfort with longevity.

In the center drive elliptical machines, you may feel a convenient workout. And in the rear-drive trainers, the wheels are located in the back. Overall this choice solely depends on you.

Stride length

Strides make the exercise considerably more comfortable & less risky. Generally, 20 inches to 22-inches stride length is the standard but anything lower than the 15-inches stride is might not be any good to you.

It may create a risk to your joint health and may cause other medical problems. Also, be mindful of the height and choose the right elliptical with ideal stride length.

Ease of Use and Quiet Operation

Workout session becomes more convenient if the machine is simple, less noisy and easy to use. Sometimes individuals get disappointed because of unnecessary features and buttons provided on the machine. It should only take 2 to 3 or fewer inputs to start a program. Your workout session should be smooth. 

Weight support

Every exercising machine like a treadmill, bicycle, or elliptical has a specific limit of weight. An elliptical design that supports low-weight might not be sturdy enough to withstand weight above a limit.

So it is a crucial factor to consider the weight limit before making your buy. So, before picking your elliptical, ensure that the trainer can bear enough weight & tension. 

The Resistance and Incline

The elliptical should allow adjustability in the resistance & incline feature. The resistance level is directly proportional to the workout intensity.

An elliptical trainer offering variation in resistance levels is advantageous and crucial to keep you motivated during your workout sessions. A higher level of resistance can help you in improving the fitness level more.


An elliptical machine is an electronic equipment, and the warranty period represents the machine’s reliability. The warranty period of the elliptical machine indicates its quality.

Most of the units offer a lifetime warranty on the steel frame. Ask about the components covered in the warranty. Make sure that the warranty covers electronics & other vital parts of the machine. 

Forwards & Reverse Capability

If you do not find this basic feature in your elliptical machine, we recommend you not to buy that trainer model. The movement of forward & backward should be fluid smooth.

Flywheel Effectiveness

The flywheel’s weight is an essential factor that ensures the consistency & smoothness of the exercise. The more the weight capacity of the flywheel, the more the workout session becomes effortless and smoother.

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Conclusion:  Best Ellipticals Under $700 2021?

Elliptical trainers are a great option for cardio at your home. Elliptical machines are an amazing way of achieving a complete-body workout.

In case you are thinking of buying a trainer for your home gym then you should do proper research to get your hands on one that meets your needs and requirements.

Hopefully, the reviews of ellipticals under $700 and buying guide discussed in the article will help make an informed conclusion or decision.

FAQs On Best Ellipticals Under $700

️‍🏋️‍♂️Can You Move The Pedals Backward?

Yes. When you pedal forward, it focuses on your glutes & hamstrings. And on the other hand, when you pedal backward it improves the elliptical posture and also engages your core.

️‍🏋️‍♂️Can Ellipticals Tone Buttocks?

Yes, the elliptical can tone buttocks. You can target on buttocks by holding the stationary handles & pushing through the glutes. You can further enhance the effect by the reverse motion of the pedal.

🏋️‍♂️Is An Elliptical Trainer Good For Joints And Knees?

Yes. Ellipticals are knee-friendly and good for your joints & knees.

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