Top 4+ Best Ellipticals For Small Spaces In 2021 (Compact Design)

Hoping to acquire fitness at your home, however, does not have a lot of space to spare?

A large number of individuals utilize elliptical machines for their exercise productivity. Exercising on an elliptical machine benefits you in reinforcing your heart & immune system alongside improving muscle tones. You can utilize this elliptical cross trainer for an entire body workout. 

The efficiency or productivity of elliptical machines also includes its space-saving capability and can be easily used in small spaces. It tends to be a little confusing for individuals to pick the top space-saving elliptical because of the lack of information on how to know whether it will fit in your home.

Also, ellipticals should be constructed with capacity proficiency in their entire body structure. This incorporates both lower & upper body sizing fit as a fiddle. 

Regardless of the space-sparing endeavors of elliptical machines, they should be comfortable, solid, durable, and accompany all the features required for workout improvement.

We have gathered some top reliable or dependable ellipticals accessible in the marketplace intended for little spaces and provided some master guidance in this section for anybody hoping to bring a compact and high caliber elliptical machine into their home. With these guiding tips, you will be certain to locate the correct elliptical machine which is compact in size to fit into your home gym.

These are our top picks of compact elliptical machines to make you more active and healthy in your home gym.

Top 4+ Best Ellipticals For Small Spaces 2021

Here are the top 4 best ellipticals for small spaces that you can get right now:

1) Bluefin Fitness CURV 2.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Bluefin Fitness is a trusted brand for the best home gym equipment and machines. Elliptical machines are incredible alternatives in contrast to traditional treadmills.

The compact Bluefin fitness elliptical trainer (Curv 2.0) is the average-sized model and gives a low-influence cardio practice insight for your house gym center. It does not put any stress on your joint health. 

Bluefin Fitness CURV 2.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Bluefin Fitness elliptical machine includes 24 manual levels and twelve automatic programs of resistance allowing you to walk at pace. It measures your calories burned, time, pulse rate, distance, and speed and shows in the LCD display board with the backlit.

The rear flywheel (12 kg) and magnetic braking of the machine offers a fluid motion & high-intensity step exercise. The drive system of the elliptical machine is silent.

You can move the machine from one area to another because of in-built transportation wheels. It comes with an instruction manual. You can assemble or install the machine by following the steps in the instruction manual.

You can keep a track of your workout on the incorporated Kinomap application (E-health) for your Mobile or Tablet with in-built Programs that can also be connected via Bluetooth to view on the dashboard. Also, it is compatible with social media.

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Here are it’s pros and cons:


  • Easy assembling process of machine
  • Sturdy elliptical
  • Includes EU and UK Power Adapter
  • Non slippery foot pedals


  • Not comfortable for the individual with long legs
  • Price is a bit high

2) Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Machine

This Elliptical Machine by Sunny Health and Fitness offers a ground-breaking safe workout experience in burning calories faster & all the more effectively.

The pulse rate checking system on this elliptical machine permits you to observe your pulse to know your progress. This elliptical trainer is furnished with an 8-level resistance so to customize your workout intensity. It has huge nonslippery stages platforms for safety & stability.


The display screen on the console shows your calories burned, pulse rate, time, distance, and speed so as to keep track of your performance.

The console of the machine allows you to put your refreshing beverages in the bottle holder. You can place your mobile or tablet on the tablet holder that helps you in multitasking. This elliptical has floor stabilizers to forestall tipping, swaying, and shaking on non-flat surfaces.

The trainer provides you 16 levels of automatic resistance but it will operate manually when it is not plugged in. This Elliptical trainer machine is an absolute necessity for the individuals who need an at-home exercise set-up but do not have a large space. 

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Here are it’s pros and cons:


  • Bottle and mobile/tablet holder
  • Floor stabilizers to prevent swaying of the machine
  • Anti-slippery foot platforms
  • Eight levels of adjustable magnetic resistance
  • Easy transportation wheels at the base


  • Sometimes it may generate sound 

3) Marcy Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Cardio Workout Machine

The Marcy elliptical machine is a decent alternative for anybody wanting to begin working out in their home. This elliptical trainer is cost-effective and simple to utilize.

Elliptical trainers can train your upper & lower body simultaneously. This Marcy elliptical has a sufficiently compact design to fit in even the small spaces of apartments or homes. Additionally, it is sturdy and has a maximum user weight capacity of 300lbs.

This trainer is a manual machine, so there is no compelling reason to ensure that you keep this close to a switched outlet when utilizing it.

The Marcy elliptical trainer accompanies a battery-controlled LCD display unit, so you can observe or track all the data about your exercise, for example, calories burned, time, distance, speed, and so on. 


The dimensions of the assembled Marcy magnetic trainer is 49 x 24 x 64.2″ & weighs 76lbs. The stride length is 12 inches. The display console of the trainer is fueled by two AA batteries. The tension knob has 8 levels of magnetic resistance. It gives a low-impact complete body workout.

You can utilize the fixed handlebars for legs workout & the mobile handlebars for your upper & lower body simultaneously. Also, this unit incorporates a heartbeat monitor for clients who want to workout depending on their heartbeat rate.

The detailed directions for assembly are provided in the manual book to make your installation process easy. The Marcy elliptical machines come with a limited 2-year warranty against any manufacturing defect. 

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Here are it’s pros and cons:


  • Budget-friendly elliptical trainer machine
  • Comfortable handles with a good grip because of vinyl coverings
  • Transportation wheels at the base unit makes it easy to move around the place
  • Big foot pedal platforms
  • Resistance levels can be customized


  • Battery operating displays may be annoying as it is not convenient to change batteries constantly.
  • Some parts of the machine need to be oiled
  • Assembling can be a bit tough

4) Sunny Health and Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical Machine 

This Elliptical machine offers an amazing resistance exercise to assist you in burning calories more quickly & all the more effectively. You can monitor your exercise force by observing your pulse with the help of the heartbeat sensor and customize the intensity of your practice with 8 degrees of magnetic repulsion or resistance.

Its handlebars and foot platforms are anti-slippery to provide more steadiness, stability, and safety. The display unit screens your exercise progress such as pulse rate, time, speed, calories burned, and distance. This trainer requires 2 AA batteries which are included in the package. 


The compact model of this elliptical trainer makes it an unquestionable requirement for individuals who have restricted space at home but also need an incredible at-home exercise arrangement.

The dimensions are 28 Length x 17 Width x 57 Height( in inches). This elliptical cross trainer comes with a 1-year limited warranty period of the frame and a 90-days warranty on other components. 

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Here are it’s pros and cons:


  • Available at an attractive price
  • Floor stabilizers against tripping and shaking of equipment on uneven surfaces 
  • Easy transportation wheels to move the trainer
  • Easy installation process
  • Compact design


  • Time taking process of assembling

The Buying Guide/ How to Select the Best Elliptical for Small Space

Nowadays there are a lot of compact and affordable elliptical machines available in the market. Whether space is your primary concern, you still need to think about different variables.

Some of the important factors to consider here incorporate the noise, weight limit, guarantee, & flywheel weight. These factors can disclose to you a ton about any elliptical cross trainer machine. Below are some significant components you should remember before purchasing an elliptical machine for your Small Space.

A Handy Guide To Help:

Here are is a handy guide to help you get started to buy the best elliptical for small spaces:

Compact Design:

You can purchase an elliptical machine for little spaces though it is enormous when it is designed compactly. Elliptical cross trainers having a compact design are easy to move and set at anyplace regardless of whether the area is less. These sorts of elliptical machines are tough and solid like traditional elliptical machines in spite of their smaller plan.


An elliptical machine’s noise trait relies upon its flywheel. In case you need to reduce the noise originating from your cross trainer, you will need to check the weight or heaviness of the flywheel.

The more the weight of the flywheels, the smoother will be the glide and the machine will run more quietly. sometimes, cranky pedals may also originate noise, so try to check pedals also alongside the heaviness of the flywheel.

Type of braking system:

While you are selecting equipment of this sort, the important thing or factor to remember is kind of its braking mechanism. The below models are accessible in the market: 

  • Mechanical braking system – simple to utilize however very noisy. 
  • Magnetic braking system – their operation depends on the rule of interacting magnets, which diminishes noise. 
  • Electromagnetic braking system – controlled or constrained by a PC. This arrangement is quite yet the most costly. 

If you are searching for a calm, decent, and cost-efficient machine, go for a magnetic braking mechanism. Individuals who are willing to invest more or are searching for equipment for an expert gym center should pick electromagnetic braking mechanism gear.

Durability & Stability:

Stability and durability of ellipticals depend on the in-built quality, body structure, and weight capacity of your elliptical machine. Select an elliptical with a steel body frame having the highest weighing capacity for more stability & durability. Durability and stability are directly proportional to the weight capacity of the elliptical trainer. 


Always remember to check the guarantee period while selecting a compact elliptical machine. A long guarantee period is essential since it can help in keeping a track of your all spending costs low & provides you peace of knowing that whenever your cross trainer breaks, you will effectively have the option to have it repaired.

In case an elliptical comes with a short guarantee, you can expect that it is not a machine that is manufactured to last.

Weight Capacity:

It varies from individual to individual. You can opt for any cross-trainer that coordinates with your weight or else you can select one with a much higher weight limit. We can’t suggest a fixed weight limit since everybody weighs differently.

Ellipticals Body Dimension:

The ideal measures of an elliptical trainer for any area will be 70L and 25W (in inches). This size of elliptical can be increased/decreased in compact alternatives.

FAQs About Best Ellipticals For Small Spaces:

?️‍♂️Which Is The Best Space-Saving Elliptical For Commercial Use?

NordicTrack Spacesaver SE9i is the perfect commercial elliptical trainer in our opinion. We have picked the Spacesaver SE9i because it can perfectly fit in small spaces also. The compact design & incredible durability of NordicTrack Spacesaver SE9i is far better as compared to its competitors. Above all, you will still get a wide range of features.

?️‍♂️How Much Clearance Is Needed For An Elliptical Cross Trainer?

Regardless of how space-sparing your elliptical machine is, yet you will be requiring clearance over your head. The normal clearance level in ellipticals is around 7 feet however it can be modified according to individual height. Keep in mind that there ought to be 1 foot (at least) of free space over your head.

?️‍♂️ Is it possible to lose weight using a mini elliptical trainer?

Yes, you can. Mini ellipticals operate in the same manner as top commercial elliptical trainers do. These ellipticals are specially designed for burning more calories. So, these mini ellipticals are the most incredible machines for reducing weight.

?️‍♂️Are Compact designed Ellipticals Good?

Best compact designed elliptical machines are the most effective trainers for workouts to burn your extra fat. They give low-impact exercises that are likewise tough enough as those top of the business or commercial treadmills. Compact modes don’t influence their execution or durability at all.

?️‍♂️Is a mini stepper helpful in toning legs?

Yes, a mini stepper is not less than any traditional elliptical machine. Additionally, they are helpful in improving your thighs, abdomen muscles, glutes, and buttocks. Thus, they will condition or tone your legs.

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Conclusion: Best Ellipticals For Small Spaces 2021 

Elliptical machines are made for protected and productive weight reduction because of their low-impact and also permits you to take an interest in different activities such as listening to music, reading a book or watching TV.

These cross trainers can be consolidated in your home gym center, permitting you to workout without paying attention to the climate & without leaving your home.

 After going through the entire article, we guarantee that there will be no queries left while purchasing yourself the top compact elliptical trainer for little space. We have accumulated all the required information before making the purchase.

You can simply look at our Space sparing cross trainer detailed reviews and in the event that they are compatible with your spending plan & needs, then you can buy any of the reviewed equipment. Best of luck.

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