Top 5+ Best Elliptical Under $500 (OUR PICK)

Ellipticals are the machines that offer a complete cardio exercise in less time. These machines are remarkable in providing full-body workouts. Ellipticals are beneficial for joint health. Ellipticals permit you to attempt various sorts of practices such as cycling, walking, step climbing using a single machine. 

These machines are ideal for individuals who want to work out in their own space at home. Ellipticals workout helps you in strengthening your immune and heart system along with improving your muscle tones.

We have accumulated top and reliable elliptical machines to assist you in choosing the best for yourself and save your time & hassle. The mentioned elliptical machines are explicitly focused on individuals on a more tight financial plan. 

These reviewed ellipticals highlighted here are just under $500. We will start with the highlights of each one of the models in our rundown.

From that point onward, we’ll talk about the factors or components you ought to inspect in case you’re seeking to purchase an elliptical machine.

In the end, we’ll finish up by providing answers to the most posed inquiries regarding these machines. We have provided all information in this section that you have to know while purchasing an elliptical machine. 

Top 4+ Best Elliptical Under $500

Here are some of our top choices of elliptical machines to get you more active & healthy.

1. Exerpeutic Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical 

The Exerpeutic heavy-duty magnetic elliptical machine with Pulse is ideal for a powerful cardio session & is most appropriate for homes and the gym. Having double-action arm handles and 8-level attractive magnetic tension resistance provides you exceptional and intense exercise at higher levels.


The elliptical machine prevents any bounces during your training. The construction of the Exerpeutic elliptical machine is robust, strong, and so powerful that it can withstand a user weighing up to 325 pounds (approx 147 kg).

The machine’s pedals have an exemplary ribbed design to maintain the grip of footwear and prevent slipping. Additionally, it monitors heart rate with its incorporated pulse sensors in the handles. 

The balanced flywheel of the machine can rotate easily in forward as well as backward directions. The transportation wheel at the bottom makes it easy to relocate the machine.

The elliptical machine’s embedded display screen informs you about speed, distance covered, heart rate, calories burned and others. This heavy-duty machine is available to you at a lucrative cost providing you the right combination of great functionality and convenience. 

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  • The comfortable and solid construction of the machine
  • Eight level magnetic tension opposition adjustments
  • Dual-action or activity arms for a tranquil workout at home
  • Handlebars embedded with pulse monitors to monitor heart rate
  • Economical price


  • Does not offer Bluetooth connection 

2. ANCHEER Elliptical Machine Trainer

The Ancheer Elliptical Machine intends to make your exercise routines easy, simpler, and convenient. It is a great elliptical machine for your home workout session. It is light-weight and small in size, which makes it enormously beneficial for small living spaces.

The package delivered to you includes all required equipment (bolts, grease, oil) needed for assembling along with the machine. The machine has two separate handlebar arrangements, one is fixed with an embedded pulse sensor, and the other is mobile that is movable with your feet.

These handlebars are formulated using delicate rubber foam and offer you a comfortable grip. The wide pedals of the Ancheer machine are non-slippery. It has a maximum user capacity of 330lbs.


The machine comes with 10 different levels resistance adjustments, and it is simple to change between them while exercising. The heavy or bulky console of the machine has various functions to offer.

It has an LCD display that monitors your distance, heart rate, speed, and calories burned. It also has an accessory tray to hold your smartphones, tablet, or other belongings.

The transportation wheel of the machine makes it convenient to move around the space. The machine’s assembling is easy if the directions or instructions provided in the manual are followed, as mentioned. It comes with a one-year limited period warranty against any manufacturing defect. 

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  • Wide and large foot pedals
  • Manufactured using a strong steel frame
  • One-year warranty of the machine
  • Magnetic resistance adjustments with ten different levels
  • Digital LCD monitor


  • No preset workout program
  • Does not provide wireless connectivity

3. EFITMENT Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer

The Efitment magnetic elliptical trainer has a compact design, and the Efitment E005 belt-operated magnetic elliptical machine offers trouble-free exercise for your upper aa well as lower body.

The weight of the machine is 63 lbs. The machine dimensions are 34.5 lengths, 24.5 widths, and 61 height. This machine is ideal for a client who needs all the advantages of running and includes more of an upper-body exercise for complete body workout and safe for joint health.

The flywheel guarantees a peaceful and smooth exercise session. The stationary handlebars of machines are incorporated with the pulse sensors to observe the heart rate.

It is beneficial for individuals who prefer extreme cardio exercise & fat burning. The machine includes a tablet or smartphone holder to help you in multitasking. 


The Efitment elliptical trainer has a magnetic resistance of eight different levels, easy to alter or change while performing your exercise. There is an LCD monitor on the machine’s console to show your calories burned, speed, distance covered, scan, and heart rate.

It possesses huge, slip-resistant, wide, and textured foot platforms or pedals for the user’s balance and safety. The E005 elliptical machine consolidates transportation wheels for convenient mobility. Furthermore, it can withstand a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs.

It comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. You can assemble the machine quickly by following pictures and instructions provided in the manual.

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  • Compact design that can easily fit small space
  • Easy assembling
  • Non-slippery foot pedals
  • Belt-driven flywheel for a smooth workout session


  • No preset programs

4. Ncient Elliptical Trainer Indoor Workout Fitness Machine Magnetic Smooth

This heavy-duty elliptical machine is small in size and can easily fit in your confined space. The physical measures of the machine are 104cm x 48cm x 160cm.

The weight is 35.8 kg, and the maximum user weight capacity is 265lbs. The non-movable or stationary handlebar of the machine has an in-built pulse sensor to detect heart rate.

The 13 inches non-slippery foot platform increases the firmness and offers stability, comfort, balance, and smooth workout flow.


The display screen of the machine provides information on distance covered, time, calories burned, speed, scan, and pulse rate. You can use the tension knob to switch between 8 different levels of magnetic resistance to adjust your workout intensity.

The V- belt drive and balanced flywheel offer a quiet & smooth function. The transportation wheels at the bottom make the machine portable. 

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  • Non-slip foot platform
  • Convenient to move the machine 
  • Eight adjustable resistance
  • The digital monitor screen on the console


  • The machine is not very sturdy
  • May generate sounds

The Buying Guide to Elliptical Machines Under $500

These machines are complex, and without proper information, you may hesitate to invest your money in these. Incomplete or no knowledge may lead you to make the wrong decision.

There are some elliptical machines in the market which cost $2000 or more, but there are also the machines priced under $500, which can fulfill your purpose.

It’s critical to know the components that influence your purchase. Below are some useful & essential points to remember before making your buy.

Ease of Use:

Workout session becomes more convenient if the machine is simple and easy to use. Sometimes individuals get disappointed because of unnecessary features and buttons provided on the machine.

It should only take 2 to 3 or fewer inputs to start a program. Go for an elliptical machine possessing a quick start or manual mode. These modes need just 1-2 button presses, and you are good to go for your training.

Stride Length:

Strides makes the exercise considerably more comfortable & less risky. Mostly, the length of the stride ranges between 18 inches to 22 inches; however, commercial elliptical machines possess stride length over 20 inches.

The ellipticals priced under $500 have a short length of strides. Elliptical machines having stride length as short as 13 inches must be ignored or avoided. It may be risky for your joint health and may cause other medical problems.

Resistance Type, Amount & Levels:

The foot pedals’ resistance is managed either by magnetic force or contact breaking to spin the flywheel. Magnetic resistance in elliptical machines is another advancement.

They tend to make the elliptical machines substantially more durable or strong, and also, they are quieter than the contact breaking framework. The resistance level is directly proportional to the workout intensity.

Elliptical machines that cost under $500 offer maximum resistance in between 12 pounds to 15 pounds. These elliptical machines include a minimum of 16 settings for powerful and intense workout sessions. 

Maximum User Weight:

Commercial ellipticals can withstand the user weight up to 400 pounds. However, the ellipticals priced below $500 support maximum weight up to 250 pounds.

It implies that low-weight supporting designed ellipticals are not sturdy enough to withstand weight above a limit. So it is a crucial factor to consider the weight limit before making your buy.

Heart Rate interactivity:

Estimating your Pulse (HR) rate is the assured indicator of intensity & progress. Everybody has an objective pulse rate range within which they are advised to work. If it is excessively high, you may risk injury.

If it is too low, then you won’t arrive at your target. The best elliptical machines have pulse rate control programs that adjust the exercise factors while estimating your pulse rate to ensure that you workout inside the range.

You only have to enter the ideal pulse rate & the machine will work accordingly.

Flywheel Effectiveness:

The flywheel’s weight is an essential factor that ensures the consistency & smoothness of the exercise. The more the weight capacity of the flywheel, the more the workout session becomes effortless and smoother. 


Choose an elliptical machine that does not require maintenance. A properly designed product can easily take regular wear and tear. 

Warranty: An elliptical machine is electronic equipment, and the warranty period represents the machine’s reliability. The warranty period of the elliptical machine indicates its quality. Most of the units offer a lifetime warranty on the steel frame. Ask about the components covered in the warranty. Make sure that the warranty covers electronics & other vital parts of the machine.

Benefits of Elliptical Machines Under $500

Below are a few significant reasons to choose elliptical machine trainers for cardio and make your workout more intense.

  • Elliptical trainers benefit you in regaining mobility & balance after the wounds. It is useful in improving the strength of individuals. You can change the exercise intensity depending on your requirement. 
  • Elliptical machines offer numerous exercises such as walking, running, climbing, and jogging. These can be pursued by simply changing the intensity & resistance levels using the resistance knob. 
  • Elliptical machines provide the novel ability for lower body workout and upper body workout simultaneously. Bone strengthening and muscle toning are significant advantages offered by the elliptical machines.
  • Elliptical machines are compact in size, and hence they can easily fit in your confined space.
  • Ellipticals encourage your full-body movement. When you workout at an elliptical machine, you move the pedals & handles at the same time, which is a workout for each of your muscles.

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FAQs On Best Elliptical Under $500

🏋️‍♂️ Which Elliptical Machine Is Best For Home Use?

It all depends on your budget for the machine and the space available at home. A good elliptical machine should possess a magnetic drive framework, quiet mechanism, perfect stride length, sturdy and robust construction. Your elliptical machine should have good durability as you don’t want to change it every 3 to 4 years. You can look at our reviewed elliptical trainers to find the ideal one for your home workout.

🏋️‍♂️ Does the elliptical machine help in losing belly fat?

Yes, ellipticals can help you lose 2 cm of your belly fat within a period of six weeks. You can attain this without any change in your diet and by working out for only 30-minute on the elliptical machine regularly.

🏋️‍♂️Which are the ten best elliptical machines?

Here are the ten best elliptical machines excluding any particular price range: Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905, Sole fitness E35, Exerpeutic Elliptical, Schwinn 430, Schwinn 411, ProForm Hybrid Trainer, Schwinn A40, NordicTrack c 95, and Nautilus e616.

🏋️‍♂️Which Elliptical Machines Are Preferred Front Or Rear-Drive?

Rear-drive ellipticals with stride lengths of more than 16 inches are considered better as they offer a more centered & balanced user experience. Rear-drive ellipticals possessing long stride lengths are more expensive than front-drive ellipticals.

Conclusion: Best Elliptical Under $500 

Elliptical machines are an optimum choice for home workouts. These machines come at different prices and sizes. You can pick according to your budget and space.

Having an elliptical trainer at home can advantage your complete family. Also, these machines challenge & support various forms of exercise.

Whatever your fitness goals are, ellipticals are an excellent choice for your workout sessions and in your own space without any disturbance.

We have provided you the knowledge required before making an elliptical machine purchase and a detailed review of the best ellipticals under $500. You can choose an elliptical trainer as per your needs. 

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