5+ Best Elliptical Machine Under $300 (Budget Range)

Looking for the best elliptical machine under $300? We have the most curated list of the top ellipticals that are rich in features and do not burn your pocket as well. 

Elliptical machines also called cross-trainers, are machines made for home workout sessions. Using them, you can mimic various workouts like walking, running, and even hill-climbing all from the comfort of your home.

The benefit of having them at home is that you can give your body a full-blown workout while consuming a minimal amount of your home space. It’s a great way to lose weight as a cross trainer is considered the best course of performing cardio exercises.

If you wish to shed those extra pounds, then you should think of investing in an excellent elliptical machine.

But when it comes to picking the perfect workout equipment, one has a plethora to choose from. An elliptical machine is usually on an expensive side, and one might hold many questions and apprehensions while planning to buy one. Hence in this article, we intend to solve all those issues for you as we have listed down and briefed on a few best options available.

Top 5 Elliptical Machine Under 300| ( Budget Range )

We have curated this review by considering some of the most trustworthy reviews that won’t let your expectations down. The best part is that all the products mentioned in the list are below 300 dollars, which means you do not have to shred a massive amount of money and, at the same time, not compromise on the quality of the product.  Without further ado, let’s check out the reviews.

1) MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer 

The first one on our list is the Maxkare magnetic elliptical trainer, which is ideal for those who are just starting, as it’s design aims to protect you from any risk of injury.

With this machine, you can mimic natural walking and running patterns that make an impact on your complete body to achieve a significant result that leads to weight loss.

This machine comes with a flexible option to modify the resistance as per your body’s comfort. If you are starting, you can start from level 1, and when the perpetual training develops your core strength, you can up the level to almost the 8th level. 

MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical Machine

Another attractive feature about this equipment is that it doesn’t generate any noise, which means you won’t bother those with whom you share your space while performing your routine exercises. This elliptical machine’s meticulous design helps you get a more steady pedaling force so that there is no harm whatsoever to your ankle or your knee. 

The cross trainer has an inbuilt feature of dual-direction workout that will enable toning of your major body muscles from both back and front sides, delivering a better result using lesser force and power.

While performing your training when you grip the machine’s pulse grips, the LED screen installed in the front will display a detailed analysis of heart rate, speed of exercise, distance, and even the amount of calories burnt during the workout.

The handy holders attached to this machine make it very comfortable for you to reach your water bottle even while conducting exercises, keeping your balance check without hampering your activity in any way.

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  • This machine is extremely easy to install. 
  • The customer care team is extremely supportive.
  • Dual direction workout enabled
  • Amazing grip
  • Won’t cause any potential damage to your muscle.


  •  The machine has a cryptic odor of its own which can cause some serious smell in the house.
  • Not completely soundproof

2) Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical Machine 

If you have restricted space accessible at your place, then a Sunny health and fitness compact elliptical cross trainer machine is a great option to go with.

With this elliptical bike, you get to do cardiovascular exercises from your home’s comfort, which isn’t as expensive as you would imagine it to be.

The machine’s design permits you a smooth and comfortable workout experience with absolutely no potential harm to your muscles or joints. To ensure safety at different levels, sizable anti-slip foot platforms are available to provide a stable moment of your body. 

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical Machine

By holding the hand pulse monitoring system, you can get a detailed analysis of your heart rate calories burnt with other details like time, speed, and total distance covered while working out on the machine, forming a clearer image of workout goals for you.

As your body builds resistance over the period, you can adjust your goals by increasing the machine’s level of resistance. The machine’s design makes it too mobile and compact, making it easy to change in your house’s possible corner.

The price at which this machine is available is almost negligible compared to other cross-training options available in the market.

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  • The machine is perfect for home workout 
  • very easy to install, as the instruction manual is extremely comprehensive.
  • Available at a great price
  • Provides you an anti-slippery exercise experience.
  • Provides utmost stability


  • The foot pedals of the machine can easily get rust
  • maintain it regularly from the damage to happen.

3) MaxKare Elliptical Machine for Home Use 

The foot pedal of this machine is versatile and can fit any person irrespective of their height. They have an excellent grip and are entirely non-slippery to avoid any possible injury during the workout.

With this elliptical machine, you get the feature to move your pedals in both front and back motion, making the entire exercise a little more fun.

To ensure stability and reduce any chance of instability, there is a sturdy 11 lbs flywheel attached to the machine. This shall avoid any possibility of an accident while exercising.

Here you have eight levels of resistance for you to adjust the level according to your flexibility. This machine’s design ensures to produce the least amount of noise to cause no disturbance to those around you.

MaxKare Elliptical Machine for Home Use

This machine is equipped with two kinds of handles. The first one enables a full-body workout at the same time. And the second one has a sensor installed, which helps you check your heart rate.

The machine can be easily moved in any place as it comes with transportation wheels attached to it. You can change its location without having to put much effort.

The LCD attached to the machine help you check all the details like your heart rate, distance covered, calories burnt, speed, resistance, etc.

This is a great way to keep your workout goal in check. This machine’s design enables an extra smooth workout experience and even supports space to hold a phone or an iPad so that you can keep yourself entertained while working out.

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  • Offers a significant amount of features.
  • Smooth workout experience
  • Comes with transportation wheels 
  • Can be beneficial for your entire body
  • Noise resistant 


  • It takes a lot of time to assemble it and put it together.
  • Customer- care not very supportive.

4) Doufit Elliptical Machine for Home Use

This elliptical machine makes for a great home workout. If used regularly, it works great for all your upper and lower body muscles. A premium quality flywheel attached to the machine makes it extremely safe to prevent any muscle damage from happening during the workout. The pedals are large and are anti-slippery, avoiding any chance of injury while performing the exercise. 

The machine has been manufactured with fantastic quality products to assure its light in weight. And at the same time, no compromise has been made on the quality of the product.

You can monitor your workout resistance over the period by increasing the level up to level 8. The digital monitor provides you with all the necessary information like – calories, time, speed, heart rate, etc., with the help of the sensor attached to the machine’s handle. 

Doufit Elliptical Machine

The device is connected with wheels, making it very easy for you to change its placement according to your convenience. The quality of this product is too excellent as it has been made using the best quality parts, which make it light in weight but at the same time give you an immense amount of stability and safety even while performing the most vigorous exercises. The maximum amount of load that this machine can bear is around 220 lbs.

Overall this is a great home workout equipment that can save you from paying hefty gym fees and will also keep your workout in check in your everyday busy life.

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  • It is effortless to assemble 
  • Generous customer support.
  • Anti slipper pedals
  • Great manufacturing 
  • Easy to move around


  • It is not very quiet
  • Cant take more weight than 220 lbs.

5 MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer

This is a great elliptical machine that is perfect for using as a home workout device. It has almost eight levels of resistance in it. You can level up the resistance as you progress with your workout. The process of increasing the resistance in the middle of the exercise has also been made very easy to make sure to cause absolutely no hindrance to the workout. 

The design and manufacturing of the device make it an exceptionally smooth workout experience. A front flywheel design attached to the machine makes the training incredibly soft by increasing the stability and causing no harm to your knees.

Here you get the option of pedaling in both the directions due to the presence of dual-direction movement. This feature makes the workout very interesting.

MaxKare Magnetic Elliptical Machine

 The machine comes with an attached LCD screen that gives you the option to monitor your exercise by helping you keep in check the heart rate, speed, distance, calorie count, etc.

A remarkable feature in this machine’s design is the cup holder that comes attached to it, which helps you keep your water bottle handy. You even get the place to keep your phone or iPad to keep yourself entertained while performing the exercise. 

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  • The machine is straightforward to assemble 
  • The price that it is offered in, it has some remarkable features. 
  • Has space to accommodate your phone and Ipads.
  • You can pedal in both directions.
  • Provides you with a great level of stability


  • The machine has a strange odor.
  • And the device is not entirely soundproof.

Buyer’s Guide To The 5 Best Elliptical Machine Under $300

The ellipticals are a great fitness invention using which you can work out and tone your body from your home’s comfort. But before investing in this machine, there are a few points that one should examine as it’s a massive investment to make. We have listed a few points that will benefit you in making your ideal choice for elliptical.

Training intensity

The elliptical machine is an ideal way of performing aerobic training. They work wonders for both your upper and lower body. You can adjust the level of exercise intensity as per your body’s strength which you will build over time. you can start off with less or medium intensity and slowly work your way up by modifying the levels on the machine.

Resistance level

The level of resistance offered is one of the most distinguishing factors of an elliptical that differentiates one machine from the other. The basic models usually offer fewer variations in the level of resistance whereas as you move towards a higher price range you will be offered more levels of resistance, in which you can modify your strength according to your level of fitness that you build over time.

Structure & weight

Keeping in mind the manufacturing details of a machine before placing an order is of vital importance. When it comes to exercise equipment, you need to be sure if the product’s quality is stable enough to carry the weight with the exercise’s given intensity.

One needs to be sure of the weight that the machine is flexible enough to seamlessly handle and purchase according to their needs to avoid any discrepancies. Usually, the models that weigh less are suitable for those who weigh less than 100 kgs, and those who weigh slightly higher should opt for a higher range of models.

The Flywheel 

To ensure the stability of your device to make sure you won’t inflict yourself with an injury while performing any exercise, you ought to make sure that a flywheel of at least 20 kilos is attached to the machine.

This is when you do an excellent intensity workout regularly. And in case you are a beginner, then even 7kg would suffice. But do not miss this point as your overall exercise comfort heavily depends on this factor.

If your mission is to lose weight, this wheel should ideally be placed at the machine’s backside. But if you are looking for a muscle gain, then make sure to install it in the front instead.

Distance between pedals

The distance between the pedals determines your body’s alignment while you are exercising. This is an essential factor as it can cause some severe muscle injury. Keep in mind that the space between the pedals should be as minimum as possible.

The braking system

There are three kinds of braking systems, which differ from one another based on the system’s price range. The most basic one is a manual brake, located on the bike’s handlebar. This is available in all the basic models.

The other two brake systems are the motorized and electromagnetic brake system available for higher-priced models. Each of them intends to provide you with a more comfortable pedaling experience. 

Range of pedaling

The factors that determine the pedaling that suits someone depends on the purpose of the machine. The ones whose primary goal is to manage weight and build themselves some endurance can go with a circular amplitude.

But for people like athletes who are into muscle gain, flatter amplitude is a better option to go with. The higher the pace is, the lesser work it does on the muscle gain, and vice-versa.

The handlebar

The handlebars are an essential element on the elliptical machine, and depending on their design, they perform multiple functions. The handlebars which have no motion are meant to help you specifically work on your lower body, and the ones that have movable handles help you work on your entire body simultaneously. All the machines have a unique design of their own, which is made to serve people with various needs.

Training programs

The elliptical trainer is equipped to perform different kinds of exercises to help diverse people reach other fitness goals. You can be a beginner whose main aim is only to lose weight, or you can be an athlete who wishes for strong muscle building to get in shape.

There are main trainer programs curated by experts that you can avail for and make the most of your elliptical trainer. Choose the plan that suits your requirements the best and uses every penny spent on the trainer.

Taking pulses

Most of the elliptical trainers come with the mechanism of an automatic pulse check. The sensors are installed in the handle of these machines, and all one needs to do is hold them, and the LED display in the front shall show their pulse rate, heartbeat, etc.

This is a widespread feature that comes with almost all elliptical trainers nowadays. However, what people don’t know is that this is not an accurate measure of the heart rate most of the time, and therefore you cant rely upon it.

Those who are very serious about their fitness goals should instead opt for a chest belt, which will deliver them the exact results. The athletes who have some serious fitness goals to achieve should invest in this product.  

The comfort

While locking which machine to buy, you should keep in mind the effort that goes behind in storing and moving it around. Preferably one should go with a device that comes with attached rollers that make it easy for it to move around.

The average weight of an elliptical machine being 27 kgs; it’s going be a huge pain to push it around manually, and that can even damage your floor. You can even consider going with foldable options that can easily be accommodated in small spaces. 

Display on the machine

Most of the elliptical machines have a display mode. The display mode varies from device to machine according to the price range. Some machines have more information on the display, whereas others have lesser details of the show. The various information options available for the display mode are

Duration- the amount of time you have spent exercising on the machine. This helps you regulate your workout plan more efficiently.

Cardiac activity- you get this option with most of the models. The basic one has sensors on the handles, whereas the more expensive ones even have a heart band to give an even more accurate result. 

Calorie count- this is an essential feature as you can have a clear sense of the intensity of your workout. This may vary from person to person, even if the time is constant because it concerns body weight and mass. 

Distance traveled- This feature tells you the space you have traveled while performing your exercise routine. 

Resistance- when you are relatively new at exercise and just starting, you need to start from a medium range of resistance and slowly up your resistance with time. This feature enables you to keep track of the resistance variable on the machine from time to time. 

As you up the level of the machine, these features keep on getting even more comprehensive. There are a few machines that even let you record this data over a while. 

Adjustable programs

Having the flexibility to choose your ideal training intensity is the mark of a great elliptical. When someone is new to the concept of ellipticals, they would want to adjust the settings according to their height and other constituents, for which they would require some control over the machine.

And over the period, when they achieve a certain level of fitness, they can have the liberty to make necessary alterations. A user-friendly device that can make modifications suitable to your growing needs and demands makes for an ideal elliptical.

Space requirement

The last but one of the most significant points to consider while picking the perfect elliptical for your health is acknowledging the space that it might occupy.

As a result of modernization, most of us live in packed houses due to which area is a critical point to consider. Usually, elliptical machines consume a significant amount of space, but with growing advancements, many companies have acknowledged their consumer’s needs and introduced compact versions of the ellipticals without compromising on the quality.

FAQs On Best Elliptical Machine Under 300 Dollars


The technology related to fitness is growing advance every single day due to which people have a plethora of options, which indeed becomes a reason for confusion while picking the perfect option that suits their needs. Each machine is unique, which caters to a certain kind of requirement of the user. Those who are amateurs and are starting their fitness journey might find it challenging to select an ideal option for them. Ideally, the front-drive ellipticals are a better option to go with in case you have any budget constraints. Whereas, the rear-drive elliptical machines though, are on a costly side, are worth every penny spent due to their seamless functioning.


Using elliptical machines to perform cardiovascular exercises are a great way to shed extra pounds to reach your ideal fitness goals. If used religiously combined with a great diet to back it up, it can work wonders to combat any weight loss related issue.


To see a significant weight loss, you should perform exercises at least 90 rpm, which roughly rounds about to 180 steps per minute.


When it comes to finding the right pace for an elliptical, moderation is the key. A high rate combined with low resistance won’t produce any good result and too high resistance for those who are just starting increases the risk of muscle injuries. Hence one should stick with a moderate combination of resistance and speed.


The price range of 300 dollars is usually great for a good quality machine. To achieve a significant result, one needs to maintain consistency along with wholesome diet plans. This way, you can efficiently achieve ideal body fitness levels.

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Verdict: The 5 Best Elliptical Machine Under $300

I hope this list helps you in finding your ideal workout elliptical machine. We have ensured to match quality by keeping in check the price range as well. In today’s time, when fitness is becoming a huge cause of concern for people, companies are inventing new technologies every passing day. In this article, we have only included the best options that have passed the test of time and quality by the most reliable fitness enthusiast. All the best for your fitness journey, stay safe and stay healthy. 

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