Top 5+ Best Compact Home Gyms in 2020 (TOP PICK)

In the times, when gyms are shut-down, social distancing is the new norm, there thinking of going to a gym is also possible. Thus, the best way is to arm your home to be a home gym. But, that’s a difficult task to get different equipment to form a home gym. Don’t worry, we give you the best solution, which is a home gym.

You get a personal bench, squat rack, barbell, pec deck, pull-up station, leg developer, etc. all in one machine. And for the people who love in space confined homes, we have compact home gyms. Read ahead to find your best compact home gym that shall suit your requirements the most.

In this article we are going to review the following compact home gyms:

Top Five Best Compact Home Gyms


Here are the top 5 best compact home gyms that you can buy:

1. Bowflex PR3000


Bowflex is a well-known fitness brand and offers excellent multi gyms for home. Their PR3000 is a robust home gym model and does not require cable changing with a three-position pulley system.

It allows more than 50 movements and a great workout. It offers a total body workout where the high pulley offers back and arm exercises whereas the low pulleys offer exercises like bicep curls, standing calf raises, and upright rows.

Their middle pulleys are fantastic for working on the core and chest. Bowflex machines have power rods and are highly beneficial because they pose less stress on the joints and ensure longevity in the gym, especially the beginners.Click For Best Price

They are also very light-weight and thus it is effortless to move them as compared to moving the traditional home-gyms. They provide a fantastic 7-year warranty.

The machine is wonderful for providing a full-body workout and is ideal for people who want to work on certain muscles.

The power rods are helpful in weight adjustment as per one’s ability. The size and dimension of Bowflex PR3000 is compact and does not have a fold-down bench.

You will require a minimum workspace of 100” by 78” and thus can be used in multiple rooms. The adjustable bench lets you have a minimal footprint.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Bowflex PR3000.

  • Low, medium and high pulleys allow more than 50 movements
  • A robust and lightweight machine with a stable build quality
  • The design is space-saving and has a removable bench
  • The machine is smooth and quiet in use
  • Not ideal for people looking for serious strength gains
  • Sometimes the resistance feels lesser than is being pushed



2. BodyBoss Home Gym 2 0-01


The BodyBoss Home Gym 2 0-01 is one of the most compact multi-gym out of the five discussed here.

This ‘gym in a box’ is a unique machine and liked by a majority of people. It provides many attachments and pieces with a base.


It has two 40lbs resistance bands, wrist and ankle straps, a squat bar, and handles. It delivers a total body workout with hundreds of movements.

Being a ‘gym in a box’, it is a super space saver with dimensions 22.5×18.75×4.5 inches (LxWxH).Click For Best Price

On flipping open the box there you will find anchor points at different essential areas on the base. Here, at these points you can clip the flexible resistance straps to try out several exercise forms.

You can flip the anchor points up by 180 degrees to enable clipping the resistance bands.

If you attach the resistance bands to the anchor points, you will require more strength to pull the weights because the bands have their own weight and can be stretched up to seven feet in length.

To let you tone the core muscles of your body the resistance bands are connected to the wrist or handles and ankle straps.

These bands can also be connected to a workout bar that can be stretched in length. This will give the feeling of working out with rod and dumbbells.

The straps of ankles and wrist help in training bun blasters, cardio boxing, and numerous other exercises. High position workouts can also be performed with bands, like triceps exercises and lat pull downs.

This amazing machine also delivers free weight training, yoga exercises, muscle toning exercises, pilate, etc. The wide range of exercises include bicep curls, squats, upright rows, shoulder presses, rear delt flyes, triceps extensions, etc.

The machine comes with online guides and videos which will help you learn using this home gym.

Let’s have a look at its pros and cons.

  • The most compact multi-gym in an affordable budget
  • Easy to carry as it is portable
  • Numerous attachments offer a full-body workout
  • It lets you carry out hundreds of movements
  • The 40lbs resistance bands are not so challenging for many users
  • The base is sometimes not sturdy
  • You may need to buy separate resistance bands



3. Weider Ultimate Body Works


The Ultimate Body Works product is one of the affordable and compact machines and a perfect qualifier for a home gym. It comes with a body weight resistance system and a pulley system to proffer a complete body workout.


It offers a range of motions from upper back rows to bicep curls, squats, leg presses, etc.

This machine lets you perform 50 kinds of exercises to work and tone your legs, arms, shoulders, abs, chest, and back.

Thus, this is evident that this versatile machine lets you work on both upper and lower body, i.e. a total body workout.Click For Best Price

It works with different mechanisms wherein your body weight is used for resistance via bands. You can perform several bodyweight exercises.

The adjustable power bands and incline bench help in swiftly increasing or decreasing the weight resistance.

This amazing workout gym is perfect for beginners and enthusiasts, alike. Its most striking feature is the four tension cables at the bottom that will help you increase the resistance for a challenging workout.

On expanding this home gym, its length comes out to be around 201cm and on folding the frame measures 150cm long and 71cm wide. So, basically it is not as compact as it claims to be.

Users of height up to 6’3” can easily perform exercises on the Weider Ultimate Body Works. The total assembled weight of the machine is 79lbs and is easily foldable and portable.

Let’s have a look at its pros and cons now.

  • The 50+ movements deliver a complete body workout
  • The design is sturdy
  • The cost if very affordable and worth the money
  • The resistance bands are adjustable which offer a challenging workout
  • It is ideal for both beginners and seasoned users
  • Not ideal for tall people as they will not be able to experience full-body motions



4. Total Gym 1400

The Total Gym 1400 is an ideal home gym if you think Total Gym’s Premium XLS is expensive.

The 1400 model stands out from other models due to its unique features and specifications.

It uses the weight of your body at different heights to offer resistance, and this makes it perfect for people at a beginner’s level.

Such type of resistance applications work easier on joints and do not stress them as compared to the conventional free weights. It is however not good for seasoned lifters.

It comes with a sliding bench design and uses the bodyweight of the user to provide resistance to the pulley and cable system.Click For Best Price

The nylon handles and other attachments allow 60 different movements, thus delivering a full-body workout.

It measures 92.5 x 16 x 43.25 inches and thus is easy to keep on one side of the room. It is easily portable due to its 75lbs weight.

The company provides manuals and workout DVDs to help users use the home gym effectively.

It is easy for newcomers to use this machine and easily get accustomed to it. It comes with the following – leg pulley, squat stand, dip bar, multi-function accessory, and more.

Here is a list of exercises that you can perform with this amazing, versatile home gym:

  • Chest – Seated and inclined presses
  • Arms – Dips, bicep curls, and triceps extensions
  • Core – Lower ab crunch, ab crunch, leg lifts
  • Legs – Hamstring curls, leg extensions, kickbacks
  • Back – Several pulldown movements
    • Enables you to perform 60 movements
    • The price is ideal for such a robust machine
    • Comes with manuals, workout DVDs, and nutrition advice
    • Uses the bodyweight to offer resistance
    • The best machine for beginners as it puts less stress on the joints
  • Not a good fit for seasoned lifters



5. Bowflex PR1000


Bowflex has come up with a solid option for fitness freaks and the Bowflex PR1000. It is cheaper than other Bowflex models but has the same features as the expensive models like Bowflex PR3000 along with some fancy additions. It delivers 30+ exercises amounting to a total body workout.Bowflex_PR1000_Home_Gym_Sports_Outdoors

It also proffers ways to tone certain body parts for body builders who prefer body part oriented workouts. As a user, you have enough space for getting creative with movements and enhancing your home workout.

It takes up a very small space in the house but is overall a very versatile machine. It measures 100 x 78 inches and thus can easily fit in a garage, in an apartment, or basement.

Click For Best Price

You can keep the bench in the lower portion and fold the rail upwards, making it more compact by reducing its size to half after finishing the workout.

The muscle groups on which you can easily work with this home gym and do a full-body workout are:-

  • Chest – Incline, decline, and flat press
  • Arms – Biceps curls and triceps pushdown
  • Legs – Curl, leg extension, and kickback
  • Shoulders – Delt raise, press, shrugs
  • Core – Trunk rotation, ab crunch, oblique crunch
  • Back – Row, lat pulldown, lower back extension
  • Offers up to 210lbs power rod resistance
  • Comes with built-in aerobic rower function
  • You can fold the unit to half while storing it
  • An impressive gym that delivers 30 exercises
  • You cannot upgrade the resistance
  • Less compact as compared to the PR3000 model



How to choose the best compact home gym?

The Shape or Size of the Home Gym you Prefer according to your requirements?

The designing of the multi gym for home is essential because everyone prefers a compact one for their homes. You will be happy to know that there are home gyms in every size and shape and also fulfill everyone’s fitness levels and goals.

Such impressive gyms decrease the footprint without reducing the functions they offer and can potentially help you with bodybuilding and strength training. 

For people with very little space, there is a fantastic ‘gym in a box’ option. These wonder boxes proffer more than 200 exercises with the help of a vast range of attachments and bands.

Home Gym

The traditional multi-gyms come with cables and pulley systems all enclosed in smaller specifications. Some such multi gyms have a removable bench or a folding rail which helps in minimizing the base space of the gym after the workout is over.

Total Gym machines come with a sliding seat on rails and use the user’s body weight as resistance. While in use, such units may take up some space but you can easily fold them away after using. you can either slide this gym under the bed or put inside a closet.

Box gyms do have some limitations over traditional multi gyms, but the fact that they can be stored in a box and also carried in a suitcase while traveling offers a great deal. The design of your home gym is directly proportional to your goals.

People wanting to build muscle and strength would prefer adding their own weights whereas people who just want to remain fit and use the space efficiently rather than lifting heavy weights will prefer a box style gym.

Essential Features Required in a Home Gym

The design of a home gym defines its features to a great extent. Like, for instance, big and costly multi gyms come with a frame, bench, pulley/cable system, etc. whereas box style gyms have features pertaining to resistance bands and attachments.

Space – The compact home gyms do not have bulky frames and to minimize the footprint, they have a removable or vertically foldable bench. This feature saves a lot of space after the workout is finished.

The pulley system is great as it defines the movement like high pulleys let you perform lat pulldowns, triceps pulldowns and low pulleys let you do shoulder presses, bicep curls, and upright rows.

home gym space

Compact home gyms are beneficial for a certain section of people who do have much space to spare in their homes but still wish to own a home gym to stay fit. These compact gyms can easily be put aside in a corner and work on your full body with it.

Variety of Exercises – There are multi gyms that come with a middle pulley system and help in doing exercises like core exercises, chest presses, rows, weighted crunches, and trunk rotations.

Multi gyms with bench also have a leg developer fitted with padded rollers. These help in doing curls and leg extensions thereby targeting hamstrings and quads.

This shows that the features vary and change as you shift from conventional home gyms to total gym-style gyms.

Even if you have the fundamental pulley and cable system you can perform a lot of exercises like curls, presses, pulldowns, etc. They will also have various attachments and connectors like ankle straps, handles, dip bars, etc.

Every home gym will come with a user guide, like a pack of cards, DVDs, manuals, etc.

Which Home-Gym Resistance you should select?

Different sizes of home gyms offer different resistances. The most basic home gym comes with stacks attached to controls with the help of a set of pulleys and wires. Some good home gym models like Bowflex come with flexible bars to issue resistance.

Then there are other models that use the bodyweight of the user to offer resistance. But, every system comes with its own good and bad points.

Bowflex Power Rods – This machine has a small footprint and is very flexible. They are affordable as well.

Weight Stacks – These are the most economical machines and easy to assemble. They also come under the category of largest systems.

Bodyweight Machines – These machines are relatively very compact and also cheap. It offers a restricted amount of workouts.

Plate-Loaded Machines – These machines are not so common under the multi-gym category. But, they provide a different form of resistance than weight stacks or power rods. You have to find out what kind of plates the machine will take, standard or Olympic.

Select the home gym machine based on your height?

Height is an essential feature while selecting a home gym. In terms of space-saving, taller frames are not ideal as a home gym but are crucial for getting appropriate results.

It is important to understand that short frames will offer a limited motion range with some exercises. Thus, will hamper your fitness progress depending on your height. A majority of the users get stuck up with height factor so it is better to determine the limitations of the machine according to your height.

Other Crucial Factors Worth Considering

Design – As far as home gyms are concerned, there are some restrictions on the design. This is the reason why gym memberships are costly as they provide high-end machines with amazing design considerations and features.

For home gyms, small and low-cost multi gyms have more limitations. Such compact machines are impressive but they can be disappointing in range motions or resistance. Manufacturers will advertise anything to sell their products and earn profits.

They will keep the costs reachable so that more people buy their products, but they do not tell about the compromises that have to be made.

So, bear in mind that compact home gyms do not give a gym-level workout but they do help you maintain a healthy and fit routine at home.

Cost – A perfect home gym is one that offers the best cost-benefit ratio. It is essential to consider the cost of the home gym and the features that it offers.

Compare the cost of the home gym with the gym memberships, travel time, and fuel cost – all added together. This is because your home gym is a long term investment and thus it should be the best.

Fitness Goals – The home gym model you choose should depend on your fitness goals. If your target is to lose weight, then you require more cardio. A folding bike is helpful in this case. For cardio plus strength gain for improving your physique, a set of dumbbells routine is perfect.

Fitness Goals

If you want to build muscles, then it is best to buy the compact weightlifting gym. This will consist of a barbell, folding rack, a set of weight plates, a set of dumbbells, a weight bench, or a set of kettlebells. You can also focus on bodybuilding and strength training at the same time.

For people wanting an overall fitness and wanting to get rid of their lazy lifestyle, an all-in-one glide board home gym option will help in resistance training and cardio. Thus, covering the whole body.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

??‍♀️ What are the various types of Home Gyms?

Home gyms come in several forms and it depends on you whether you want to invest in an ‘all-in-one’ machine which offers full body workouts, or single pieces of equipment to form a whole gym.

??‍♀️ Are Home Gyms good for beginners?

Home gyms are good for beginners but not every home gym is ideal. Thus, it is imperative to determine how you want to use the home gym otherwise you will end up buying a machine which is not worth it.

??‍♀️ What is the use of a small Home Gym?

Home gyms are the best machines which have a small footprint and offer full-body workouts. You can work out from home and save money on costly gym memberships. There is no time restriction on working out at home as the machine is at your service 24/7.

??‍♀️ Are Compact Gyms helpful in muscle building?

Yes. Home gyms are ideal and effective at building muscles. If you are a beginner then home gyms are the best for muscle building as they are safe. They lessen the chances of getting you injured while working out.

??‍♀️ Should footprint be a concern while building compact home gyms?

No. A compact home gym does not mean that its footprint will be less, because a functional home gym has a larger footprint than what is publicized. This is because when you use the machine properly, it covers a bit more area than specified. But, when you are done working out you can pack it back and put it aside. After packing, its footprint is lesser.

??‍♀️ Who all can gain from a home gym?

Home gyms are very popular due to their convenience and benefits, but they are not fruitful for every fitness enthusiast. People who will gain from a multi-home gym are:

  • People who are low on budget and want to save for their other expenses
  • People who enjoy working out at home
  • People who want to utilize space in their home for a compact gym
  • People who cannot go to the gym regularly due to time constraints
  • People who have enough space to afford a good multi home gym at home
  • People who require additional equipment for training at home

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Conclusion: The Best Compact Home GYM for You?

Having discussed in detail the best five home gym models, it is now easy to decide which one will suit your needs and budget. An ideal home gym is one that offers a superb full-body workout, is space-saving, and also affordable.

The one model which comes at a decent price and delivers a great performance is the Bowflex PR3000. It satisfies all the considerations discussed earlier in the article.

It is an extremely sturdy and durable machine. It comes with a high, medium, and low pulleys system that delivers more than 50 exercises and a total body workout.

It is a noiseless and a very compact machine, thus an ideal contender for being a home gym. This innovative machine also comes with a 7-year warranty and a library of content on the workouts that can be performed on this machine. It does not pose stress on the joints and works best if you want a full-body workout or want to isolate certain muscles.

So, go ahead and buy the one which suits your requirements and pocket the best.

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