Top 5+ Best Cable Machine for Home Gym (New Models)

Are you wanting to do weight or functional training at home, but do not know how to go about it, which equipment to use?

Then, a cable machine for home gym you. This is the smartest piece of equipment you must have in a cable machine for home gym.

It is a strength-building device that offers resistance for your muscles to work against, wherein the weights are connected to the cables through a set of pulleys. This fantastic equipment also helps develop lagging muscles and in toughening the hard-to-train areas like upper back and rear delts. 

In this article, we have handpicked a list of 5+ best cable machines for home gym and we’ll also help you choose the right kind of cable machine as per your requirements. 

So let’s dive in.

In this article we are going to review the following Bowflex Home Gym:

List of 5+ Best Cable Machines for Home Gym

Here are the top 5 best cable machines home gyms that you can buy:

 Body-Solid  Machine

 Hulkfit 1000 Machine

Body-Solid Cable

  •  It uses smooth

  • It frame extra wide

  • Offering every exercise

  •  Cable crossover machine

  • Steel frame 

  • It has 2 diameter

  • The build quality machine

  •  It has a smaller footprint

  • No cable change design

Here is the complete list of the Best Cable Machine For Home Gym. So let’s dive in

1) Body-Solid  Machine

The Body-Solid Powerline PCCO90X Cable machine is an ideal addition to the home gym. It allows you to perform bodybuilding, weightlifting, and training workouts and delivers a total body workout. It works on all the major muscle groups of the body, and each of its sides has four pulleys. 

Cable Machines for Home Gym - Body Solid Powerline

It uses patented nylon technology. Its ball bearings offer a consistent and smooth movement. The pulleys pivot with greater than 180-degrees and offer frictionless training experience.

The dimensions of this machine are 112x39x82 inches and weigh 133 pounds. It comes with an ankle strap and two cable handles. This is the best cable machines for home gym.

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Here are its pros and cons:


  • It uses smooth and patented nylon bushing technology.
  • It takes in both standard and Olympic plates.
  • It offers frictionless movement because of the pivoting pulleys.
  • Its frame is tall and extra-wide, thus offering numerous sets of high and low pulley exercises. 
  • It delivers total body conditioning.


  • The product does not come with instructions.
  • Their customer service is not up to the mark.

2) Hulkfit 1000-Pound  Power Cage

 A power cage is a piece of equipment that decreases your risk of injury while lifting massive weights solo. A cable crossover machine works great with a power cage.

The steel frame of this machine is heavy-duty steel with a broad open base for extra stability. It has a 2-inch diameter, extra-long posts to hold multiple weight plates. 

Cable Machines for Home Gym - Hulkfit 1000 Pound

The quality of the cables is excellent because they are nylon coated and have a weight capacity of 1000-pounds.

This sturdy machine has an adjustable pulley system and pivots to permit multiple techniques. This equipment is very secure as it comes with security knobs on both the pulleys, and the rubber feet give extra stability to the rubber feet. The machine measures 120x81x31.5 inches. 

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Let’s’ have a look at its pros and cons:


  • The assembly of this machine is straightforward.
  • Its updated roller system helps the machine in withstanding multiple uses with high weight capacity.
  • The cables are tested with 1000 pounds and are coated with nylon. 
  • It lets you target multiple muscle groups, from the core to shoulders, with no additional equipment.


  • Its manufacturing controls are weak at times.
  • The J-hooks are very small to provide an offset. 

3) Body-Solid Cable Machine 

The Body-Solid BFFT10R machine is functional training equipment and is ideal for exercisers of all levels. It comes with adjustable pulleys that can pivot 180 degrees and proffer a massive variety of starting positions.

With this machine, you can switch from one exercise to another because of its no cable change design. 

Cable Machines for Home Gym - BodySolid Best Fitness

The unit comes with two adjustable nylon cable handles. It has a smaller footprint than other functional trainers, and it measures 83.5x55x61 inches, after assembly.

It also has a single 190-pounds weight stack. This machine will help you in improving performance not only in sports but in everyday life. 

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Here is a list of its pros and cons:


  • This is a perfect piece of equipment for users of all exercise levels. 
  • The no cable change design is fantastic and allows quick transition between exercises. 
  • The build quality of this machine matches that of a standard gym quality. 
  • The adjustable pulleys can swivel 180 degrees to offer several starting positions.
  • It has a smaller footprint and thus is ideal for home use, as it takes less space.


  • It has a single weight stack.
  • Its range of motion is not satisfactory. 

4) Nongsha Home Gym 

The Nonghsa home gym is an ideal machine for performing several upper body exercises like longitude and latitude pulldown, upright row, sitting position, triceps, forearms, traps, and shoulders.

With this machine, you can perform a high pulley workout because of its comfortable multi-position foam roller locks. 

Nongsha Home Gym cable machine

The frame of this machine is thick and durable, along with sturdy foot support that avoids slippage. Users of any height can adjust in this machine because its seat is adjustable.

Its dimensions are 48x24x76.5 inches and a load capacity of 395 pounds. With this machine, you can enhance your strength, muscle mass, and endurance. 

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Here are its pros and cons:


  • It is the ideal machine for doing upper body exercises.
  • The multi-position foam rollers are comfortable and keep you steady for high pulley level workout.
  • It is best for forearms, biceps, shoulders, latitude and longitude, traps, and triceps.
  • The frame is thick and very sturdy with non-slip foot support. 


  • It does not deliver a total body workout.
  • It is not an ideal machine for fitness enthusiasts.

5) Marcy Olympic Multi-purpose Strength Training Cage

This Olympic Strength Cage from Marcy lets you work out within the comforts of your home. Its exceptional cage system allows you to tone your upper and lower body parts.

The bar is commercial-style designed and is adjustable to suit all types of users. It will enable swift shifting from bench press to squat and hasslefree replacement of barbells. 

Cable Machines for Home Gym - Marcy Olympic

This equipment is ideal for building your shoulders, chest, triceps, biceps, and abdomen with the help of cable pulleys. If you wish to develop a healthy and robust physique, its high and low pulleys will let you do intense upper and lower body exercises. 

It offers four-hand grip positions for shifting between exercises, like using a closer grip for strengthening biceps and a wider grip for toning the back muscles. For performing intense chest and triceps development exercises, it comes with foam-padded dip bars. 

This is the best cable machines for home gym from Marcy.

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Here are its pros and cons:


  • You can perform intense upper and lower body exercises with the help of high and low pulleys.
  • The dip bars enable high-intensity chest and tricep training.
  • The pull-bar is multi-grip, i.e., allows you to do pulls-up and chin-ups. 
  • It also comes with a sit-up station, which allows you to do sit-ups without requiring someone holding your legs.
  • This machine lets you burn calories and increase lean muscle mass. 


  • It does not have safety catch bars.
  • Assembly is time-consuming and requires a complete toolbox.

Are Cable Machines essential in Home Gyms?

If you own a home gym, then you must have a cable machine with it as the popularity of these machines with both home and commercial home gyms is increasing.

The reason for it is that these machines can hold constant tension and fill an un-noticed gap in your training. 

This continuous tension from a cable machine helps in training the muscles and joints for endurance. Moving about a cable pulley machine is challenging and consistent, i.e., it will allow you to perform a full range of exercises that involves great pumps.

You can perform a slow-eccentric cable machine workout for enhancing muscle development and building better joints. 

Cable machine for home gym

Many times the design of the machine allows performing a wide variety of pulling motions to strengthen the muscles, which usually get neglected during workouts, like the muscles around shoulders and upper back.

The cable machines allow you to perform face pulls, different kinds of rowing, and external rotations. 

Buying Guide for Best Cable Machines for Home

It can be overwhelming to search for the best cable machine for your home gym, so here is a buying guide that will help you choose the best one. Here are the factors that you need to consider while buying cable machines for home:

  • Ease of Use

A cable machine should be easy to use because you will not have an enjoyable workout on a complicated machine. Even if it is a bit complicated, you should adjust the pulleys and weights to make it comfortable. An easy to use home equipment will enhance quick and efficient workouts.

  • Assembly

A piece of efficient equipment should be easy to assemble. Easy assembly means you can do it yourself; otherwise, bulky equipment will require you to hire a professional for assembly. Moreover, quick assembly implies you can start using the machine early.

  • Size

The cable machines are big equipment with a large size and require overhead space for installation. So, your workspace must have enough space to make room to assemble this equipment. Make sure you consider the size before finalizing the cable machine for your home gym.

  • Safety

A workout machine should be very safe to use. Before buying one, you must check its safety and security manual because you would not want to hurt yourself by using an unsafe machine. 

  • Muscle Groups

Before buying the cable machine, you must be clear about the muscle groups you wish to target because different cable machines cover different muscle groups, and some include all.

The best cable machines work on shoulders and chest muscle groups primarily but also on other muscles like triceps, biceps, etc. 

  • Price

Investing in a cable machine is not a small thing, so make sure you put your money in the correct device. You will require the right amount of money to own a cable machine for your home gym, especially if you are a fitness enthusiast.

This one-time investment will be a great help in keeping you healthy and happy for life. So, invest wisely.

  • Extra Accessories 

Some cable machines will require you to buy additional accessories, whereas some may be included with the purchase. Along with a cross cable machine, you will need to purchase mats, weights, joint and muscle support, etc.

Check the accessories you are getting with the device or the accessories that you may need to buy later. These factors will affect the budget too. 

Always check the machine’s size, accessories, total stack weight, and budget. These factors are crucial in choosing the ideal cable machine for your home gym. 


?️‍♂️Do cable machines help in training the core?

Yes. When you add cable resistance, it enables core building and generates power, thus enhancing calories burn. You can do all this in one place, without using multiple machines.

?️‍♂️Why do you need a cable machine for a home gym?

The cable machine has several advantages when used in your home gym. It isolates work on the muscles, diversifies the workouts, builds up strength and endurance, ideal for a user of any fitness level, does not put much stress on joints, offers a consistent resistance, and is much safer to use than using free weights.

?️‍♂️How can I choose the right weight?

The exercise you want to perform determines the weight that you should pull. For building a lean muscle, you require a weight which lets you do intense 15-18 reps, whereas if you want to bulk it up, then the reps should come down to around 8.

?️‍♂️How can cable machines help in body sculpting?

Cable machines are the best when it comes to isolating the muscles. This feature helps in body sculpting and bodybuilding. It lets you achieve significant fitness levels and body toning within the comforts of your home. However, they do not offer much with the athletic ability of the user.

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Conclusion: Best Cable Machines for Home Gym 

After discussing the top best cable machines, I would recommend Marcy Olympic Multi-purpose Strength Training Cage. This fantastic training cage has pull-up bars, adjustable catcher bars, abdominal crunch station, weight trolley, dips bar, and pulley.

It is a very durable and robust machine, which offers multi-usage. You can perform intense workouts on this machine with ease and safety. It delivers a total body workout and is ideal for users of all fitness levels. 

The cable machine is a single piece of equipment that handles a significant number of different exercises. It is the ideal investment for your home gym as it targets all the muscle groups single-handedly. 

Your budget and dependency on other factors will determine the kind of machine you buy, and you will get what you will pay for. Research wisely and keep the considering factors in mind before finalizing the product and invest wisely in this long-term equipment for home.

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